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  • Röntgenschall Online Tour 2007 makes it’s only stop in the USA, right here on stop by here at 8:00 PM to see the show. This is really going to be awesome.
  • Our friend Heather, needs a little help to win a Share the Love Blog Award. If you have not seen the Terrible Mother blog, you should check it out then go vote for her to win in the Best Writing category by clicking here and voting. (voting ends February 13th) Thanks!
  • MoHDI welcomes DJ_Norto! You may have noticed his first post about his foot stools. He is very talented and we are glad to have him helping us out. We do plan on having a little more formal welcome for him very soon.
  • Mary has challenged myself and some others to answer a few easy questions, as she has done here. I’m thinking about this and want to make sure I get the right images to go with my answers.
  • I’m working on some interview with people about idea development to post on this site. If you are someone or know someone who has developed a hundred dollar idea please drop me a line. Thanks
  • In the process of coming up with hundred dollar ideas, I’ve come across several more than hundred dollar ideas. Lately I’ve been developing some of these ideas as they have huge potential to make hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. This process does take a little bit away from MoHDI but, I do hope to get on a more regular posting schedule soon. The ideas are piling up and I have a number of hundred dollar ideas, that are long over due to be posted.
  • Steal My Ideas, Please has an Awesome new theme song courtesy of our 1 Awesome Song product. You can listen to the song on the SMIP site (the links in the sidebar). We are still looking to make our first sale in 2007 so feel free to check out our shop and place your orders for all sorts of things.
  • I’m working out some new design directions for this site, I hope to get the shopping cart more integrated with the rest of the site. Since I have a ton of other things going on, this is a very slow process but, I am making some sort of linear motion to get this done.
  • A big thanks goes out to Meredith for helping me set up my art show! Thank you, thank you, thank you!. You Rock! If you are looking for a last minute Vday gift you might find the perfect thing at her site.
  • For those of you who can’t afford artwork from my show, I offer an extremely slow but powerful drawing service known as a place where you describe something and we draw it. The service is now free, although if you pay for the service your order will go through much faster.
  • For those single people who read this site, we are still working on, the awesome new dating service from MoHDI, we hope to have this site up and going in the next few years. We are sorry about the delay.
  • That’s the end of the list for now. Come back at 8:00PM to catch the Röntgenschall show!

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