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In television an affiliate station airs television aired by the network. My local Portland tv station has an agreement with NBC to air Hereos and other NBC shows. The local station is not owned by NBC but instead they have an established relationship with them.

On the web. Affiliates work much the same. Since I have a site I can sell products from different sites off of mohdi and get a percentage of the profits. This seems a little wierd. You might notice I’ve added some books and things to the sidebar of this site. Essentially I could sell about any product off my site and get some sort of return. If you look into it most companies offer affiliates programs. After having recommended to me. I decided to test out there program for a while. So if I bought a book for $10 and goodstorm makes $1 on the book they will give me 50% of that ($.50) cool eh. Below is a graphic that will clearly display how an affilate program works.


You may also notice I’ve added a tshirt maker to the site too.
I guess until I start making hundreds of dollars on this site, it’s worth it to attempt to make a little off affiliates and or advertising.
The thing that baffles me is though. Why couldn’t I just go out and get a good percentage off practically anything that I wanted by simply signing up with the affiliates program and buying it through myself. I guess it goes back to that classy saying…

“Retail is for Suckers.”

Next time I write about affiliates I’ll write about affiliate marketing.

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