Another contest entered.

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Well despite some technical difficulties. I managed to post MoHDI as an entry for the What Dream is Brewing in You? contest.

dream big

My entry along with several others can be seen here at YouTube. My audio got all wonky after uploading, I didn’t think I was too eloquent anyhow. I still think it’s an ok presentation. People probably don’t want to hear about how a start up had only 3 sales in 2006 and hopes to double them by 2007. So maybe the silent version is better.

I hope to make the next round. I’ll tell you it’s going to be a lot harder to bust out a business plan at the last minute than a presentation. I needed a business plan for mohdi anyhow.

It’s not too late to enter btw. You might need to speed read and get some stuff done quick though.

Good luck to all who entered!

I’ll keep you posted on this contest.

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