Creative Power Up!

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Lillian and I decided to go visit family for while. This will give me a chance to get ready for my up coming art show at Tiny’s and for Lillian to finish her novel. I’m also here to help my Mom get her pottery business a little more web ready.
One great discovery my Mom dug up was an old sketch book of ideas that I had. I plan to be sharing some of my way old ideas from this book and share them on the site. Some of the ideas I think are still really fantastic.

Anyhow. The point of the this post is that I’ll be out of town and if you need to need to reach me, email is the best way to do that. My cricket service doesn’t really extend to the Winston area.

Happy New Year everyone!

cat in tree
The dogs down here on the farm discovered this cat stuck up in a tree. They asked her to come down, she didn’t.

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