Foot Stools

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FootStoolWouldn’t it be nice if that end-table or stand didn’t skid about on your hardwood floor? I’ve been developing small tables with mock human feet.
This model is the stand for my light-activated oscillating drum machine, The Drum Buddy, invented and assembled by Mr. Quintron of New Orleans’ 9th Ward.
While Spartan in its construction, it gets many comments as unloaded to the stage when The Golden Greats play. The “human” feet are essentially 2×4 construction, imitation Keds for shoes, remnants of faux denim as pant legs. Overall construction at current material prices might exceed $30, so mass production is a bit far off unless I can secure a bulk of same-sized shoes, perhaps in different styles (formal, women’s, athletic), have access to sewing machine (requires only 1/4 to 1/2 yard material), table saw and miter box.
Supply and demand curve hard to gauge. I think people would like to see a variety and pick one that fits their image or that of their home decor, but the singularity of the stark black model with tiny blue feet in a room full of familiar hardware is significant. Perhaps the notion of there being many to choose from would deter impulsive interest and purchase, so it might be best work-for-hire, or made-to-order.

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