Haggar Sold Me Pants.

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Haggar POS displayWhen our dryer broke down last week, I had no choice but to buy a new pair of pants. People who know me know how much I dislike shopping for clothing. When it comes to pants buying I’m happy with $20 white painter pants. If the pants fit and have pockets I’m happy. I’m certainly function over form when it comes to clothes but, I do make some sort of attempt to look nice. My trip to Fred Meyer, was going to be a quick find some cheap pants that fit and be happy trip. As soon as I saw the Haggar display, I was sold.

Haggar made such a selling point by turning their pants inside out and showing me the quality of the work, it made me wonder why anyone would want any other brand of pants. I try not to be a consumer but I must say, I’m very happy giving into to such an awesome product. The coolest thing about my new pants is that on the inside they look just like the display you see in this image (save the big paper tab descriptions). I paid a little more than I initially planned on but, I think the quality and guarantee is well worth it.

The other selling point is that I can always look great in these pants even if they are inside out. It’s funny how great of a sales person the lower section of a mannequin can be.

Fantastic marketing, great pants, good work Haggar you have sold me.

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