My Art Show!

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This invite really has very little to do with the actual art show.

It’s been about 3 years since my last art show. I’m showing 27 original works at Beulahland. I was worried about filling up the walls there but, It worked out nice and I even took several pieces home with me. Other than MoHDI and Describbles, I have not shown a lot of my art so I’m very excited about this show. If you’re in Portland on Monday the 12th of February, come to the reception. I think I’m going to bring out some of my old sketch books for people to look through. The reception falls on the same day as my daughters 3rd Birthday. So if you know Lillian and want to bring her a birthday present I’ll make sure she gets it. It also happens to be John Wrays nephews Birthday who was born the exact same day as Lillian, it’s also Brock from SplashCasts birthday that day too along with Lincoln, Darwin ( they would both have been 198 if John Wilkes Booth hadn’t shot them, both of them) and a bunch of other people I don’t know share that birthday, I’m guessing about 817,655 people in the US have this birthday and about 17,877,178 people in the World and about 9,374 people in Oregon, imagine planning that birthday party*.

Happy birthday everyone!

*I’m not sure my math is totally right on this. Did anyone else come up with these numbers?

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