Portable Laugh Track / Applause Sign

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Laugh track and Applause sign

The portable laugh track is something that I’ve wanted to have for a while. As an aspiring ammature comedian I could really use a device like this. Basically its a box that when certain buttons are pushed different laugh tracks will play. Simply push the button after telling a funny joke and people will know the joke is funny (just like on tv). The box is also quite useful when watching your favorite shows where they forget to put the laugh track into the show. For some odd reason I watched a show called Bones the other night, I wish I had this thing built to watch that show.
We do plan on making these and selling them at some point. A while ago I asked Saites to help me on some research for this product. He found some useful links for this project. I would love to be selling these but, until then, I suggest you go out and make your own.

Saites sent me the following that I thought most applicable to this project and shows you how to make this product.

As far as the portable laugh track goes, search on for “easy button” and then look at this: The first is a simple mode of the staples’s easy button (a small button which says “That was easy” or something like that when pressed) in which the circuit has been replaced with a simple radioshack record/playback circuit.
The second is a site which outlines using record/playback circuits in Halloween designs, but I think you could easily apply it.

The applause sign is basically a sign that you wear around your neck and it lights up when you need your audience to applaud.

We don’t have a light up version but, we are now offering a hand drawn, hand made cardboard version that hangs around your neck in our shop.

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