Portland Zine Symposium!

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When it comes to great Portland events, I rank the Portland Zine Symposium as one of the best. The organizers do such a fantastic job gathering all sorts of independent thinkers and creators and putting them all in one place. The 2 day is packed with fantastic events, workshops and tables full of zines and things.

If you have not been before and will be around this weekend, GO!
I believe there is something for everyone down there and I hope that people take advantage of this spectacular event.

Due to my unexpected change in living situation I’m not going to be as involved in the symposium as I wanted to be this year. Several of my zines remain unfinished as I write this post this, I’m more stressed about getting everything packed and moved by Tuesday than getting my zines produced.
My book “How to make Hundreds of Dollars in as little as 1-3 years” needs illustrations, editing and a lot more editing of it. The series of “Solutions to Problems” has only a handful of panels done on it and will require too much time to actually publish. Despite not having my stuff totally ready for the symposium I do plan on producing an informative mini-zine that will let people know about some of the projects I’m currently working on. I do have a table and will have several interesting items on display and be available to talk with people most of the day Saturday. I hope to see you down there.

above are some panels from my unfinished Solutions to Problems
Buy the whey, If you’re interested in random free stuff give me a call Sunday or Monday then come by to check out what I’m getting rid of (503)875-1018.

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