Transmission mission.

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My old transmission from my 1986 240 DL Volvo Sedan

You will notice the gear in the front is missing some teeth. The sparkly addition to the gear oil is not magical dust.

I purchaced the car April 19, 2006. Below are my notes about that.

the first stick shift

CJ did me a favor selling me the car for $500 and allowing me to make payments on it. When buying big items and you are a hundredaire it’s nice to have people around you willing to give you some credit even if the banks won’t. You will notice this is the car I learned to drive a stick on.

So based on these facts it’s safe to assume that transmissions tend to go out around 250,000 miles or so.

Ryan and I replaced the old tranny with the new one on Saturday. I learned a lot about transmissions and car repair. Transmissons are heavy! When you have a limited space under a car they can and you are trying to get it in the perfect spot, they can seem even heavier. I really had to use all my mental and physical strength just to lift this sucker up. A transmisson jack might have been nice. Ryan really ended up being the one who got the thing into place. I’m still sore from the ordeal and I would imagine he is the same.

I’m still crunching some numbers but, the thing cost me about $800 all together.

It’s nice to have a car again.

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