Stag Bikes Shirts!


The stag bike shirts are in! Come out to MoHDI for first Thursday and get your shirt on. We have a few color options in various sizes. Shirts are $20 and sales go to helping MoHDI continue to generate and develop ideas.

While supplies last, you will get some free decals with your shirt purchase. Or pick up some decals at the special price of $3 for a pack or 2 packs for $5.

Stag Bike Decals

In addition to the stag bike shirt release party tonight our friend Pickle Baby will be here hanging out, we will also have some art to look at and some wonderful ginger tea to drink.

Tonight is first Thursday! Come out and say hi, then go explore the many openings tonight that are all within walking distance of one another.

Joe Keatinge Conversations

I had the pleasure to talk with Joe Keatinge as we explored some fun parts of Portland together. Joe is a comic book writer and editor.
Check out what he’s up to at
Follow him on twitter @joekeatinge
If you are at Emerald City Comiccon this weekend you can follow him around in person!

click here to watch videos on youtube–

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Mark Saltveit Conversations

I had the awesome pleasure of talking with writer, comedian and World Palindrome Champion Mark Saltveit. We walked through NW Portland on a very nice day.

click here to see video on youtube–

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Learn more about Mark and see what he does by clicking on some of these links. (The Palindromist Magazine) (the Skeleton Closet presidential scandal site)

Fast and the Furriest

Any one who has seen the any one of the 5 Fast and Furious movies will most likely want to rush out and modify their car have glowing running lights underneath.

This StreetGlow Fast and Furious Under Car Neon Light Kit is pretty slick and that’s great for car owners… but what about pet owners?

What about pet owners who want their pets to be more like the cars from the fast and the furious movies?

With your pets underside lit up, your pet will not only be super stylish but also super safe too.

Here is a basic sketch of what your dog might look like sporting this awesome look.

Here is a video of Bubs with a purple running light underneath. Notice how much more confident he is with the light attached. He’s looking faster and Furriester with just this simple mod.

Awesome LED technology will allow us to easily improve upon our furry friends.

Check out this concept for a tail tip light for cats.

Just imagine how useful a cat with a small powerful light attached to the tip of its tail could be.

It’s an exciting time to see technology and animals merging. This is certainly a fast growing market and industry where we are bound to see unimaginable innovation.

Ping Pong Ball Shirt.

My brother has been playing in a ping pong league. The other day he mentioned that all the different teams have different shirt colors. His teams colors are brown. It made the think that the team with the most messed up colors or crazy patterns might have a slight advantage over the opponents.
That’s when I thought that a shirt covered in a variety of different shaped white circles would not only be stylish but might also be rather useful against tough competition. Certain times opponents might be confused and lose focus on the white ball as it gets lost against the backdrop of your awesome shirt. I realized that this same concept might be applied to a variety of other sports.
Imagine watching Serena Williams playing a match in a beautiful outfit covered with wonderful green tennis ball pattern. Perhaps she might want to sport a hat with a number of tennis balls dangling off of it at different lengths.

I’m guessing that just a high contrasty shirt might do the trick of confusing your opponent too. Much like this optical illusion below.

Good luck trying to score while staring at that image.

Of course access to a fancy clothing design might not always be an option. In sports like basketball, baseball or golf, a constant high pitch screaming at your opposing team might work equally as well, if not better.

Perfect Pickle!

We all know Pickle Baby is the perfect pickle, that doesn’t mean there can’t be other perfect pickles out there. Have a rare chance to discover your perfect pickle while while supporting the Dill Pickle Club.

You can even get your picture with Pickle Baby!

Please join Pickle Baby Monday, February 6th for the 2nd Annual Perfect Pickle event. The picklecentric event is a fundraiser and membership drive for the Dill Pickle Club.
Try tasting a wide variety of pickles from some of Portlands pickliest picklers. In addition to the picklers there will be a number of amazing musicians and artists there. Plus if you are lucky you will get a chance to get your picture with the Pickle babies too!

Get your tickets here! or rsvp on Facebook!

Henny Benny

Our artist friend Todd Mandelkern is having a benefit art show for his doggie Hennessy. Hennessy has been very sick for about a month now and the veterinarian has narrowed down the diagnosis to two very disturbing conditions, together we are asking for help in saving Henny’s life.

The benefit show for Henny is opening tonight Friday January 6th, at the Oasis Cafe at 3701 SE Hawthorne in Portland. Check out the event on Facebook here. There will be some awesome original art and prints for sale. All proceeds will go to help pay for medical bills.

Henny is a good dog.

Please help Todd and Henny out if you can, it’s pretty easy to do so and there are several ways to help out.

  • Show up to the show and buy a print or some art
  • Commission Todd to do some art for you.
  • Make aPayPal donation of any size to Todd using his email

If you can’t make the show tonight, consider making a donation as it goes to a good cause.

Directly supporting artists is one of the best ways to support the arts. Collect artwork that you will love for a lifetime while helping artists and their best friends.
Buying art supports artists. It’s pretty simple.

Here are some of the skateboards Todd paints and actually skates on around town.

Here is a walking conversation I did with Todd back in June of 2011.

Whitney Streed Conversation

Whitney Streed is a Portland Comic. She tells funny jokes. Her and I walked through Occupy Portland all the way to the World Trade Center in Portland while talking about amazingly interesting things.

8pm on Thursday November 10th at THE SARATOGA BAR, 6910 N. Interstate.
Whitney working with Mykle Hansen is bringing you CHAD Chats!
This is FREE and it’s going to be mind blowingly awesome!.

CHAD Chats — satirical PowerPoint presentations by some of the finest minds in the fields of Humor, Science, Literature, Entertainment and Middle-Management.

Click here to view the facebook invite for CHAD Chats, show up early as presentations will begin at 8PM. Awesome!