Mark Saltveit Conversations

I had the awesome pleasure of talking with writer, comedian and World Palindrome Champion Mark Saltveit. We walked through NW Portland on a very nice day.

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Learn more about Mark and see what he does by clicking on some of these links. (The Palindromist Magazine) (the Skeleton Closet presidential scandal site)

Ping Pong Ball Shirt.

My brother has been playing in a ping pong league. The other day he mentioned that all the different teams have different shirt colors. His teams colors are brown. It made the think that the team with the most messed up colors or crazy patterns might have a slight advantage over the opponents.
That’s when I thought that a shirt covered in a variety of different shaped white circles would not only be stylish but might also be rather useful against tough competition. Certain times opponents might be confused and lose focus on the white ball as it gets lost against the backdrop of your awesome shirt. I realized that this same concept might be applied to a variety of other sports.
Imagine watching Serena Williams playing a match in a beautiful outfit covered with wonderful green tennis ball pattern. Perhaps she might want to sport a hat with a number of tennis balls dangling off of it at different lengths.

I’m guessing that just a high contrasty shirt might do the trick of confusing your opponent too. Much like this optical illusion below.

Good luck trying to score while staring at that image.

Of course access to a fancy clothing design might not always be an option. In sports like basketball, baseball or golf, a constant high pitch screaming at your opposing team might work equally as well, if not better.

Whitney Streed Conversation

Whitney Streed is a Portland Comic. She tells funny jokes. Her and I walked through Occupy Portland all the way to the World Trade Center in Portland while talking about amazingly interesting things.

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8pm on Thursday November 10th at THE SARATOGA BAR, 6910 N. Interstate.
Whitney working with Mykle Hansen is bringing you CHAD Chats!
This is FREE and it’s going to be mind blowingly awesome!.

CHAD Chats — satirical PowerPoint presentations by some of the finest minds in the fields of Humor, Science, Literature, Entertainment and Middle-Management.

Click here to view the facebook invite for CHAD Chats, show up early as presentations will begin at 8PM. Awesome!

Mykle Hansen Conversations

Mykle Hansen has authored several books, is a bike enthusiast, a humorist and all around creative powerhouse. You can learn more about him at He has an upcoming event with several other talented creatives on November 10th, The CHAD Chats — satirical PowerPoint presentations by some of the finest minds in the fields of Humor, Science, Literature, Entertainment and Middle-Management.

In this three part segment Mykle and I talk a lot about different things including insight on his new book “The Cannibal’s Guide To Ethical Living”, modern architecture, Occupy Portland and more…

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Boring Conversations / Interesting People

After falling behind some on posting videos and getting conversations posted. I’m finally catching up with it. Coming soon some exciting interviews including one with comic artist Jim Woodring, several filmmakers including Rudy Durand who made the 1979 pinball cult classic “Tilt” , Susannah Tantemsapya from Creative Migration, GJ Echternkamp, artists Alex DeSpain, Todd Mandelkern and so many past conversations with amazing and interesting people like…. I look forward to finally rolling out some of these videos and sharing them with you all in the very near future… You might find some videos on my youtube account if you can’t wait for my nice introduction and links and maps and stuff…

Alec Longstreth Conversation

On Saturday I had the good fortune to talk with Alec Longstreth at Stumptown Comics Fest.


For years I’ve seen Alec tabling at various comic and zine shows. He produces a lot of amazing work and over the years has become one of my favorite comic artists, Phase 7 is a well written comic with beautiful art.

A recent project of Alec’s is called Drop Target a comic zine about pinball that he works on with Jon Chad. While the second issue just came out, the first issue features some very real and very sexy characters and I highly recommend you get your hands on it if you are into pinball or comics or other stuff too, it’s a good read.

Here’s a quick shot of one some random panels out of the first Drop Target…

I’ve only flipped through the second issue briefly but, I’m super excited about it…. Jon’s Avatar: the Last Airbender dream table is super amazing and an awesome combo of one of my favorite animated shows paired with one of my favorite games.

Please watch the exciting video as I could spend all night praising Alec and linking to various projects but, I think I’m going to read some of my new treasures from the comics fest and try to get some rest for the Pinbrawl. zzzz

Michael Felix and Emily Wormley

Not long ago, I had the pleasure to talk with Micheal Felix and Emily Wormley.
Michael gave a presentation for the Curiosity Club at Hand-Eye Supply store in Portland.

Michael makes some things that can be seen here and I especially love an awesome model of crowd sourced production that is pretty much applicable in all fields and industries.
Emily makes stuff, some of her projects can be seen at, amazing moving images are a small example of her creative powers.

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Jim Hill Conversations

I’ve run into Jim Hill on various occasions around town. I was pretty excited when I saw his project on kickstarter and thought he would be a great person to talk with.
The Dead Don’t Die is a zombie western graphic novel that Jim is working on as part of his thesis at PNCA.

I spoke with Jim on the edge of the Pearl a section of town in NW Portland.

Now the following videos are the conversations I had with Jim, the first introduction is kind of an interesting first attempt, the idea was that we would walk and simply make our way through a small crack in a locked fence as if it was no big deal.
Things didn’t quite work out that way and had zombies been chasing Jim and I… Well let’s just say, he probably wouldn’t have survived an attack.

Later we shared a laugh while watching the video, Jim is a super good sport about it. Check out the failed intro along with our conversations about his project, the Pearl, art, design, dog poop fines and more…

I encourage you to help fund his project, he’s offering some super sweet incentives for people that pledge and I know he could certainly use way more financial support than he’s asking for.

And here’s a map of our walk.

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